Effect of hail net on the water potential of an apple orchard

December 1, 2020

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Szabó, A., Kubicza, K., Tamás, J., & Nagy, A. (2020). Effect of hail net on the water potential of an apple orchard. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, 2, 109-113.
Received 2019-11-28
Accepted 2020-09-04
Published 2020-12-01

 Apple production has seen a decline in yields in recent years, primarily due to ecological factors such as drought, water stress, water scarcity, uneven rainfall distribution, frost damage and hail damage. Ecological factors that are harmful to the plant can be eliminated by human intervention, irrigation or the use of hail net. In our study, we investigated the positive effects of hail net on the development of plant water potential as the vegetation progressed, in non-irrigation area with temperature and humidity. Water potential values were determined using a field osmometer. Confirmed the positive effect of the ice protection net in the apple orchard of Early Gold and Golden Reinders. Our results were supported by statistical analyzes our results.