No. 1 (2002): Special Issue - Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Drought-induced Losses in Fruit Orchards

Published May 12, 2002
István Gonda
University of Debrecen, Centre of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Fruit Crops, Debrecen


Gonda, I. (2002). Drought-induced Losses in Fruit Orchards. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (1), 37–40.

Scientists investigating the causes of the extremities of climate that have become quite frequent in the Carpathian Basin over the past few years are quite often in doubts as to whether increased atmospheric warming and the shortage of rainfall are to be seen as recurrent natural phenomena under our climate, or the first signs of global warming. Climate anomalies have, to a certain extent, always been common in the Carpathian Basin. However, statistical data of the past few decades indicate that the rise in temperature and the fall in precipitation have, by now, become a tendency, which requires further in-depth scientific research.
The series of articles to be published in continuation of this paper endeavors to synthesize the research results and many years of experiences, in order to give an analysis of
I. The economic effects and the symptoms of drought in tree cultures
II. The possibilities of reducing the adverse affects of drought


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