No. 49 (2012)


Some aspects of food safety from animal origin

Published November 13, 2012
József Fenyvessy
Szegedi Tudományegyetem Mérnöki Kar, Szeged
functional foods food safety microbial and chemical hazards new foods
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Fenyvessy, J. (2012). Some aspects of food safety from animal origin. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (49), 153–155.

The relationship between the civilisation illnesses and incorrect nutrition can be considered as demonstrated. The functional foods having one or several nutritional- biological advantage can contribute to the healthy nutrition and to improving the quality of life. Beside the healthy nutrition it is an another important requirement that the food does not contain pathogens or substances of chemical and biological origin namely it has to be safe. 
In this publication the foods of animal origin were investigated in the point of view of public health hazards arising during their production and processing.
The contamination and infection of food raw materials, the consequence of chemical substances getting in or developing it the food, the judgement of food deviring from genetically modified or cloned animals are discussed.


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