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Published March 17, 2020

Modern soccer is characterized by short distance multidirectional movements. Elite level players execute a large number of micromovements of all kinds. Like in handball game situations in soccer usually occur in small areas. We investigated, whether soccer players may be able to perform accelerations, decelerations, intense starting movemen...ts and turns at the same level as handball players. We utilized the Speed Court movement analysis system to prove our hypotheses. We measured youth athletes, they executed two testing protocols. High-quality speed, agility, spatial awareness, and decision-making capabilities were required by the participants. We designed two protocols called the “60-meter chase”, and the “30-second chase” to mimic the situations tend to occur in a game. Each participant was asked to perform the test protocols three-times, we registered the best try, after 12 weeks of practice, the athletes repeatedly executed the two protocols. We also performed a body composition analysis, which demonstrated similar data for the two groups. We concluded that soccer players were able to perform at the same level as handball players, some of them even outperformed their counterparts.       

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Published December 18, 2020

The physical fitness state of university students has deteriorated over the years. Relevant data is needed to investigate this tendency thoroughly. We conducted a longitudinal examination among university students in Debrecen, Hungary. At the first stage of our examinations, we examined sixty male and female participants to assess their phy...sical fitness status. They participated in four different activities (pilates, spinning, wellness-general fitness, body-shaping) once a week. Each exercise session lasted for 90 minutes. We conducted a pre-and post-exercise screening, which consisted of a Beep-test, push-up, and sit-up tests. 

We hypothesized that the different types of activities might alter the exercise response. Aerobic performance, upper-body, and abdominal strength may differ depending on the type of exercise—international recommendations suggesting that 150 minutes of physical activity is necessary for physical fitness benefits. Our results demonstrated that 90 minutes of exercise might significantly improve inactive young adults' physical fitness state once a week.

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Published December 18, 2020

Background: Our study aimed to analyze body composition and spiroergometric data of young (14-15 years) elite level ball sport players. We suggested three-ball sports (handball, soccer, and basketball) share common performance indicators, as rapid intermittent movements primarily characterize each ball sport.

Methods: We s...elected one-hundred and ten, handball (n=30), basketball (n=40), and soccer (n=40) players male and female from local clubs in Hungary. Seventy-nine males and thirty-one females participated in our study; their average age was 14.51 and 14.56, respectively. 

 They participated in laboratory testing; the protocol included a body composition analysis and spiroergometric tests. We measured body composition and physiological parameters utilizing an In Body 720 device and a standard Bruce treadmill protocol. Although we were aware of the Bruce protocol limitations in elite athletes, we choose this protocol as a safer alternative for younger inexperienced athletes.

Results and conclusions: We concluded that in young male soccer and basketball players, mean peak /load (W), peak/VE (l), peak/Vtex (l), peak/VO2 (ml/min), peak/VCO2 (ml/min), and peak/ O2 pulse (ml) data is a reliable indicator of the sport-specific performance.  We may also suggest that in our male basketball and handball players' population, peak/Vtex (l) is the only variable, which is significantly different. Between groups of male handball and soccer players, peak/VO2/kg (ml/min) may be a valid performance indicator. Among female basketball and handball players, we found a significant difference in three performance variables: peak/Vtex (l), peak/VO2 (ml/min), and peak/ O2 pulse (ml).

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The Effect of Proprioceptive Training on Core Muscles Strength and Single Leg Balancing Ability in Youth Soccer Players
Published August 26, 2019


Core stability and the ability to balance have both a critical role in today’s modern soccer. Majority of injuries originated from the weakness and inefficient strength of core musculature and the kinetic chain. The purpose of our study was to investigate the effect of a three month proprioceptive training programm...e on core stability and the ability to balance. We hypothesized that both of the skills might improve by the end of the 12-week exercise program. We set up a group involving 15 players, who regularly participated in a weekly 40 minutes special proprioceptive training routine. The control group hasn’t attended any additional strengthening workout session. The youngsters executed a fitball balancing task, in a seated position, and the so-called Stork-test.  Before the 3-month exercise program, we implemented a pre-, at the end of the program a post-test. According to our results, we may conclude that we had measured a significant difference only in the Fitball-test when players executed the single leg balancing test (Stork-test), we haven’t observed any significant difference.

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Quality of Wellness Services in the North Great Plain Region
Published August 26, 2019

Wellness is the philosophy of life in everyday life. In a holistic sense, it is also used as a harmony of physical, mental, and spiritual abilities, basically means prevention, regeneration, relaxation, and fitness. The investigation took place between September and December 2018. Of the 166 participants, 94 were women, and 72 were men. As ...a result of the research, we can state that respondents are looking for relaxation and relaxation in wellness hotels. Their expectations are related to their age, place of residence, and family status.

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New Potential Solutions for Mentors in the Development of Physical Education Teachers
Published September 25, 2018


The Hungarian Educational System, the Higher Education also Teacher Education have been constantly changing over the past decades. According to the results of international and domestic examinations, there is an increasing need for new standards and approaches,  in the entire Public Education, especially Teacher... Education sector.

The purpose of our study was to examine the key aspects of the mentoring process in physical education. We were trying to identify those special factors and identify new trends in the area of physical education. What is the role of these factors in the process of professional development of a teacher.


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