Storability of some apricot varieties as affected by storage period


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Ezzat, A., Nyéki, J., Soltész, M., Amriskó, L., Balázs, G. I., Mikita, T., & Szabó, Z. (2012). Storability of some apricot varieties as affected by storage period. International Journal of Horticultural Science, 18(1), 39-42.

The aim of this study was the estimation of storability of 10 apricot varieties in regard to percentage fruit weight loss, firmness, acidity and T.S.S in fruit during storage periods from one week to 4 weeks. All the variety gave the same trend as all of them loss weight, firmness decreased, acidity and T.S.S decreased but the differences were not the same in all varieties. in case of some varieties the percentage of fruit weight loss reached to about 9 % after 28 days also the differences between varieties in two seasons refer that this character is determined by genetic factors beside effect of environmental and agriculture factors.