Évf. 60 szám 3-4 (2021): Írói gazdálkodások a 19–20. században

Kazinczy eladósodása az 1820-as években

Megjelent október 30, 2021
László Orbán
ELKH‒DE Klasszikus Magyar Irodalmi Textológiai Kutatócsoport


Orbán, L. (2021). Kazinczy eladósodása az 1820-as években. Studia Litteraria, 60(3-4), 53–70. Elérés forrás https://ojs.lib.unideb.hu/studia/article/view/10291

Ferenc Kazinczy planned several agricultural enterprises in the 1820s. They mostly meant that he intended to purchase land, vineyards, and livestock but he also planned to trade with wine. However, he was not able to nance his plans from his own resources, thus he needed loans. This paper is aimed to examine these economic plans: their personal background, the peculiarities of the financial transactions and the serious consequences of indebtedness.