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  • Development of Gait Recognition in NI LabVIEW

    Nowadays, one of the most significantly improving area in security is the world of biometric identifiers. Within the biometric identifiers, the research group is working with the gait recognition speciality. The research group realized a complex gait recognition system in NI LabVIEW, that can detect more reference points simultaneously with a universal camera and is capable of suiting predetermined curves on the detected points. Moreover, the program can compare the functions suited on the reference curve and the actual curve and evaluate if the two gait images are the same or not. In the program there is a saving and a reloading function which cont ributes to the production of the reference gait image. The foot analysis program before the gait recognition is designed to improve accuracy. The self-developed gait recognition system was tested on more persons and the False Acceptance Rate (FAR) was zero.

  • NI LabVIEW Based Camera System Used for Gait Detection

    In these times, with the development of the world, biometric identification systems are becoming more and more widespread. Access control systems, but even the most mid-range smartphones have biometric authentication features, and even ID cards can include a person's fingerprint. The research group previously realized a rudimentary gait recognition system, which was upgraded to a multicamera system with high-resolution cameras and instead of reference points, the new version recognizes different templates. The program can compare and evaluate the functions that are matched to the reference curve and the current curve in a specific way, whether two walking images are identical. The comparison is decided by the definite integrals of the two suited functions. The self-developed gait recognition system was tested by the research team on several test subjects and according to the results, permission was never given to a strange person.

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