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  • Rigged hand model for the Blender Game Engine

    In a lot of virtual reality applications, it is necessary to display and animate the user's hand in the virtual world. In game engines, armatures are often used for modeling parts or the whole of the human body. The process of creating the armature and assigning parts of the mesh representing flesh and skin to the “bones” of the armature is called rigging. After performing rigging, moving the armature will result in the movement of the mesh, thus the virtual hand (or other object) is animated. The Blender Game Engine (BGE) is one of the few open-source game engines available. The paper gives a detailed description of the process of successfully building a complex rigged hand model for the BGE and gives guidance for driving this hand model with input data from the Leap Motion hand movement detector. The rigged hand model has been implemented, using the hand mesh from the LibHand library and an armature specifically built to match the hand representation of the Leap Motion. The model will be used for navigation and interaction in the virtual model of a power plant control room.

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