Vol. 7 No. 1. (2020)

Classification of Mushroom Data Set by Ensemble Methods

Published 2020-12-31 — Updated on 2021-01-07


YILDIRIM, Şahin. (2021). Classification of Mushroom Data Set by Ensemble Methods. Recent Innovations in Mechatronics, 7(1.), 1–4. https://doi.org/10.17667/riim.2020.1/3. (Original work published December 31, 2020)

Due to disease of mushrooms, it is very important to classify mushrooms for predicting the best quality mushrooms. There are many methods to analyse the main parts of mushrooms. For above mentioned descriptions; in this simulation study five types of classification algorithm are employed to predict the structure of mushrooms. Mushroom dataset is used to predict the classes of mushrooms. The results are improved that these methods will be used to predict exact mushrooms features and classifications in real time approaches.