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Evaluation of environmental condition: water and sediment examination of oxbow lakes
Published December 27, 2011

As a result of the river regulation a number of oxbow lakes have arisen in the floodplain of the Lower-Tisza. The floodplain lakes represent natural values and major recreation areas of the lowland region. Due to the human activity the oxbow lakes' condition declined. It can be shown by the water quality, the channel discharge by deposit, the h...igh eutrophication of the lakes and the heavy metal elevation of the sediment. Discovering these processes, analysing the condition and recultivation of the oxbow lakes came into prominence only in the past few years. Our research aims to conclude the current environmental pollution of the oxbow lakes from statistical analyses of the heavy metal content of the sediment and from the water quality data. The oxbow lakes have been classified by chemistry instead of chemical. Results of the research show differences between the floodplain oxbows and the lakes outside the dam in terms of the quality of the sediment and the nutrient content of the water.

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Human health risk assessment: a case study of heavy metal contamination of garden soils in Szeged
Published September 26, 2009

The soils of the big cities, owing to the various anthropogenic activities, can be contaminated by
heavy metals. The surroundings of the roads with heavy traffic as significant metal emitter source can
be contaminated by heavy metals. The hobby gardens and the vegetable gardens directly along roads
can be potential risky for people sin...ce unknown amount of heavy metals can be accumulated into
organization of local residents due to consumption of vegetables and fruits grown in their own garden.
Most metals are well-known to have toxic characters but we have known little what extent these
metals exert influence on people living directly along road with busy traffic. During our research,
metal contamination has been investigated in the gardens near the roads with heavy traffic in Szeged
by measuring of metal contents in soil and plants samples. Enrichment factor has been calculated with
the help of control soil samples far from roads having heavily traffic. Besides determination of the
metal content of soil and plant samples, soil properties basically influencing on metal mobility has
been examined in order to characterize the buffering capacity of the studied soils. The health risk
quotients have also been determined to evaluate human health risk of the contaminated soils.

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