Published March 18, 2019

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Varga O. Gy. – Gombosné Nagy I. – Burai P. – Tomor T. – Lénárt Cs. – Szabó Sz. Land cover analysis based on descriptive statistics of Sentinel-2 time series data



In our paper we examined the opportunities of a classification based on descriptive statistics of NDVIthroughout a year’s time series dataset. We used NDVI layers derived from cloud-free Sentinel-2 imagesin 2018. The NDVI layers were processed by object-based image analysis and classified into 5 classes, inaccordance with Corine Land Cover (CLC)... nomenclature. The result of classification had a 76.2% overallaccuracy. We described the reasons for the disagreement in case of the most remarkable errors. .
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