No. 16-17 (2020): Woord en beeld

Ex libris Steph. S. Mányoki: Zeldzaam academisch drukwerk uit Franeker in de Klimo Bibliotheek te Pécs

Published March 1, 2021
pdf (Nederlands)

Some years ago, we discovered a Dutch item in the famous Klimo Library at Pécs. It is a Convolute, composed of 67 booklets, all printed in the Netherlands in the first half of the 17th century. The collection was made by a Hungarian student of theology from Debrecen, Stephanus / István S. Mányoki, during his stay as a peregrinus in the Netherlands, where he studied at the protestant universities in Groningen, Franeker, Leiden and Utrecht respectively (1646–1648). Later on, this collection of academic imprints came into the possession of Matthias / Mátyás Domsics (1691–1768), a Canon of the Cathedral at Pécs, in order to be used for his Refutation of the Protestant Doctrine of the Faith. However, Domsics could not finish his dogmatic studies. In 1767, the new Roman Catholic bishop of Pécs, Georgius / György Klimo (1710–1777), took over all the books Domsics had collected for that purpose. Thus, Mányoki’s Convolute of Dutch protestant academic imprints became a part of bishop Klimo’s library.

     Mányoki’s Convolute makes a valuable contribution to current Dutch research in book history. This Convolute will be a great enrichment, especially for the “Short-Title Catalogue Netherlands” (STCN).