New color variations highlight Park sage (Salvia nemorosa L.) and characterization

May 16, 2012
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Kaprinyák, T., Koroknai, J., Zsiláné André, A., Fári, M. G., Kováts†, Z. ., Lévai, P., & Szakadát, G. (2012). New color variations highlight Park sage (Salvia nemorosa L.) and characterization. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, 46, 41-44.

The negative effects of climate change on ornamental plants are also becoming more serious harm. In the current planting display appearing ornamental species and vareities needed in addition to the domestic well-changeable climate-tolerant plantspecies is involved. A natural populations of Sage Park is still unknown to us color- and shape variations are hidden. Plants of the natural vegetation collected from these clones formed three major evaluation of the color version with a temporary color variations have appeared. The axial length of inflorescens, color and brevity of the flowers were also significant differences. The botanists have not been tested by the sepal and bract from top to bottom and may vary. In 2011, the shoots are planted in field breading methods to perform an additional option.