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  • Strategic Role of HR in Hungary and Slovakia, Based on the International Cranet Research (2015-2016)

    Western-European management trends have been spread including modern approaches to human resource management over the past decades in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The point of the new HR conception is the strategic partner role, which is underpinned by the appreciation of human resources. There was a rapid change in the management methods of the organizations due to the socio-economic changes in the examined countries. However, in many places the personnel departments were simply renamed, and their HR staff are still concentrating on their traditional activities. These activities are important and should  be fulfilled today as well, but to play an influential role in the design and maintenance of organizational competitiveness HR should have a new, strategic attitude. The study examines HR's strategic role based on the empirical international Cranet research in Hungary and in Slovakia.

  • Current Issues of Career Choice for Debrecen Vocational School Students

    The aim of the article is to share information about the learning characteristics of the Z-generation based on literature review. In the same way based on secondary research we are showing the characteristics of the lifelong learning processes with special regards to the informal and non formal learning processes. On other hand we are publishing the outcomes of our research based on a survey done in three secondary schools of Debrecen. In the survey we investigated the learning plans of the vocational program students studying in the three secondary schools and their labour market perspectives.

  • Millennium Generation Work Experience

    If we are open-minded in our everyday life, we should not overlook the phenomenon of student work. Within the framework of this study, our aim was to examine the work experience, later employment plans and income needs of students starting their studies at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Debrecen. In addition, we analyze the most important sources related to student work through literature studies.

    It is important to pay attention to changing attitudes of newcomers to higher education as they become active job seekers after graduation. At the Faculty of Economics of the University of Debrecen, about 1,700 students started their studies in the 2019/2020 academic year. Our research was conducted with the involvement of these students.

    The data were collected among students participating in the stork camp organized by the University of Debrecen. The survey covers, among other things, the initial salary requirements, previous work experience, future plans, including the willingness to work abroad, and factors that are taken into account when choosing a job.

  • Status of the Hungarian Agricultural Higher Education

    In our article we are publishing a brief overview on the actual status of the Hungarian agriculture and agricultural higher education. We are presenting the changes of the agrieconomy in several economies of the world and the actual economic status of the Hungarian agriculture as well. We are showing the education level and the age of the employees working in the agriculture. We are presenting some information about the agircultural higher education, and some problems and perspectives of the investigated sector.

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