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  • Measuring and Developing Color Aptitude of Students at High Schools

    The tutoring project called „ Chromatic sensation” will be executed via the project of the University of Debrecen titled EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00022 „Debrecen Venture Catapult". The aim of this tutoring project is to develop the students’ sense of colour and their ability to communicate through the use of colours. Our project is recommended to high-school students who might want to engage their further education in the fields of engineering. This paper presents the results of our research where ability to sense brightness differences and saturation differences of students completed their high school studies were tested, and discusses our skill development tools and their applications as an integrated part of our research.

  • Implementation of the Heinrich Spatial Visualization Test in a Virtual Environment

    A virtual environment was developed for PC and Android to be used with a desktop display and the Gear VR, respectively. The goal with it is to measure and enhance the spatial skills of people, because the latter can be achieved by solving simple geometric problems. Originally, this virtual environment consisted only of three such tests, namely the Mental Rotation Test, Mental Cutting Test and Purdue Spatial Visualization Test. Measurements were done in the past with these tests, but now the Heinrich Spatial Visualization Test is also included in the virtual environment. In this paper, its implementation and future measurement plan are presented.

  • Planning, Implementation and Experience of a Skill Development Workshop

    The development of students' different skills, both in primary and secondary schools, plays an extremely important role. The development of this age group in the form of playful activities can be effectively implemented. The article discusses the pedagogical background and planning steps of such occupations. A specific example of algorithmic skill development will be presented. We also list the experiences we have gained from holding this workshop, which may be helpful for the future development of the session.

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