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  • Analysis of Henbuk Startup Value Using a Scorecard Assessment Method

    This study aims to determine the valuation value of Henbuk's startup by conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses. Henbuk is a startup engaged in e-commerce. The Henbuk startup is currently in the initial funding stage, and the founders are opening opportunities for investors, which can later support operational and development activities. In obtaining funding from investors, the Henbuk startup requires an initial assessment of the company's value. The score assessment consists of several indicators, e.g., quality of the founder and team, opportunity size, product and technology, competition, marketing, sales and partnerships, and the need for additional investment. The results of the value assessment are obtained by using the Scorecard Assessment Method. The results of this study may help to determine the real value of other start-ups for the investors in the future.

  • Analysis of the Benefits of SAP S/4 HANA Cloud IT/Is Investment in the Case of PT XYZ

    PT XYZ is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Indonesia. In 2020, PT XYZ implemented a digital transformation to increase its excellence by investing in industry telecommunication and information systems (IT/IS) enterprise resource planning software called SAP (System Application and Processing) S/4 HANA Cloud. The study aims to analyze the benefits of these IT investments made in PT XYZ. The results are carried out using the Comparative Analysis of Financial Statements followed by Business Value and Financial Feasibility Analysis and the Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) method between 2018 and 2021. It can be revealed that the SAP S/4 Hana Cloud investment benefits the company's operations, which are identified in the form of 5 sub-categories that fall into required categories based on Ranti's Generic IT/IS Business Value.

  • Food Security and Economic Growth: An Income Level Comparison

    Food security is a fundamental but often neglected aspect of economic growth and sustainable development. This paper examines the effect of food security on productivity (GDP/capita) over time, while taking the income level of various countries into account. Dynamic panel regression analyses suggest that food security is positively related to productivity, but this effect is stronger in more developed countries. The study highlights the complexity of the economic problems faced by the least developed countries, where increasing the consumption and supply of food is insufficient for significantly increasing economic performance.

  • Modern Slavery Policies in a Conceptual Perspective

    Most of the people assume modern slavery end up in 19th century. However, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), today 40 million people live as a slave. Moreover, modern slavery is the world’s fastest growing crime and has huge number, which never occurred in history before. One of the main limitation of the existing literature on contemporary slavery is that it ignores the history of slavery either entirely or alternatively between past and present. However, this article aims to figure out the role of modern slavery, also recommends some suggestions to governments to solve the problem of it. The aim of this paper is to addressing to the modern slavery policies in a conceptual perspective. In the theoretical framework of modern slavery, rational choice theory, conflict theory and human security theory have been selected to describe the sequence of modern slavery.

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