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Introducing a Task Management Tool into the Operation of a Management Consulting Firm
Megjelent szeptember 27, 2021

Lean and agile methods are now widely used in various fields. Seeing their success, management consultancy firms also want to take advantage of using them. In this case study, the company selects the appropriate task management tool for their operation, the kanban board, and implements it. The implementation process is supported by quantitative... analysis. In order to track the introduction progress of the kanban board, a key performance index is defined: the board activity, which is the number of operations performed on the board in a given time period. Based on the evaluation of over 26 weeks’ data, board activity proved to be an appropriate indicator of the kanban board’s reception, operation, and stability. The individual indicators examined, however, were not found to be suitable for performance appraisal.

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Innovation in Nonbusiness Organizations from a Conceptual Point of View
Megjelent november 19, 2021

The definitions of innovation have been transformed a lot over time since Schumpeter introduced his concept. Even recently one of the most prestigious innovation management references, the Oslo Manual have changed its concept. One rarely discussed aspect of the concept of innovation is that most of the definitions are referring to the business ...sector; only a few of them are referring to any kinds of organizations, including non-profit and governmental organizations. Any kind of organization must innovate sooner or later; therefore they have to learn how to manage innovation effectively and efficiently. That is why the broad type of definitions is recommended, involving not only for-profit organizations but non-profit and governmental organizations as well.

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What Fields Can Technology Management be Applied to?
Megjelent április 14, 2020

There are two types of technology management definitions. The narrow ones only refer to business organizations, the broad ones refer to any kind of organizations, including non-profit and governmental organizations. By using the narrow definitions, the interest of the non-profit and governmental organizations cannot... be attracted, they could think that they do not need to deal with technology management, but in reality they obviously use it. To avoid the undue failing to utilize technology management knowledge outside the business world the broad definitions are recommended.

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