Évf. 7 szám 3 (2022)


Nanoanyagok alkalmazása az élelmiszeriparban és a mezőgazdaságban

Megjelent december 11, 2022
Pintér-Móricz Ákos
Miskolci Egyetem - Alkalmazott Földtudományi Kutatóintézet
, Dr. Zákányiné Dr. Mészáros Renáta
Miskolci Egyetem - AFKI
nanoanyagok mezőgazdaság élelmiszeripar agyagásványok
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Selected stlye: APA
Pintér-Móricz, Ákos, & Dr. Zákányiné Dr. Mészáros, R. (2022). Nanoanyagok alkalmazása az élelmiszeriparban és a mezőgazdaságban. International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences, 7(3), 116–126. https://doi.org/10.21791/IJEMS.2022.3.11.

Nanomaterials have unique application features which can mainly be associated with their size properties. These materials have much higher surface area than the normal size interval variant of the same materials. Due to these properties nanomaterials are widely used in the industry. Food industry and the agrarian sector are using these materials to an increasing extent [1-2]. The main goal of the nano size components and additives are the improvement of some parameters of the food manufacturing process, the elongation of the best before date of the food and the improvement of the texture, stability and the consistence of the food. Probably nanomaterials will play an important role in the development of the food industry, moreover, it can be anticipated that nanotechnology will also appear there and will influence the whole food chain. It should be remarked that food industry is using several nano size materials which are not referred to as nanomaterials. Some examples are the micelles of some proteins and fatty acids. The particle size of milk protein is in the 2-200 nm interval [3]. Considering all these, the aim of our present work was a thorough review and summary of the current applications.