Computing The Kinematics Study of a 6 DOF Industrial Manipulator Prototype By Matlab

2024-03-20 — Updated on 2024-03-20

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Saadah, A., Abdulkareem, H., & Husi, G. (2024). Computing The Kinematics Study of a 6 DOF Industrial Manipulator Prototype By Matlab. Recent Innovations in Mechatronics, 7(1), 1-5.
Received 2020-05-22
Accepted 2020-08-17
Published 2024-03-20

Since the mechanical parts in the robot are designed to do the movement, studying and analyzing the motion considered a primary issue that should be taken into consider when studying and designing the robot.

In this research 6-DOF sample of the industrial manipulator based on ABB IRB 4400 model had been studied. The mathematical model of manipulator is established by DH (Denavait Hartenberg) method. The forward kinematics was done using DH Parameters in order to get the final transformation matrix. The inverse kinematics was done using geometrical and analytical methods in order to get the end effector final position and direction by calculate Euler angles values.

Finally, the forward and inverse kinematics equations were computing by MATLAB to get angles, end effector, position, direction and Euler angles values.

The kinematics study and the arm movement’s equations were compered with the practical measurements to make sure it fulfills the desired purpose.     

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