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Wind power of Hernád valley
Published December 27, 2011

The University of Debrecen, Department of Meteorology has carried out research into the climatic and social-economic conditions of the Hernád valley in the scope of a scientific project (OTKA K 75794) between 2009 and 2012. The aim is to find out the optimal area for wind and solar energy, as well as biomass utilization. Our purpose is to work... out a model wherein the complex evaluation of natural and social-economic conditions and effects can eventually result in a sustainable and conflictfree land use. The results of the research will be useful in working out a regional improvement based on the use of renewable energy sources to help the local decision-making process.

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History of the meteorological observatoions in Debrecen
Published December 31, 2008

Debrecen was among the first cities in Hungary where meteorological observatories were established,
although the weather station of our University was put into operation 80 years ago, Meteorological
observations have a much longer history in the city. In the present paper history of the meteorological
observations and stations worked i...n the city has been reviewed with special emphasis on the
meteorological observatory of the University of Debrecen.

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Heavy metal loads in the soil of Debrecen
Published December 31, 2007

Results of examinations on the amount, and spatial distribution of heavy metal compounds in the soil
of Debrecen, their geographic, pedologic and ecologic aspects are presented in this study. The effects
of the differences in traffic conditions, build-up/land use and the density of vegetation on the heavy
metal content of the soils hav...e been examined in city of Debrecen and its closer environment.
Cadmium-, cobalt-, nickel-, lead-, and copper-contents of the soil samples taken from 88 sites of the
sample area have been studied after acidic extraction, using atomic absorption spectrometer with the
flame technique. Close-to-background concentrations of heavy metals in unpolluted soils of the
forested area of the Nagyerdő were determined. Spatial differences in the heavy metal content of the
soils for the whole area of Debrecen have been studied. Influence of soil properties (humus, CalciumCarbonate content, pH and grain-size distribution) on the binding and mobility of heavy metals in the
soil has been examined. Vertical distribution and mobility of heavy metal compounds in acid sandy
soils was determined. Heavy metal content of soil in the most sensitive areas, playgrounds,
recreational areas, urban gardens and grazing fields along busy roads has been surveyed.

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