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Characterization of urban aerosol sources in Debrecen, Hungary
Published December 31, 2008

Debrecen is an average middle European city from the point of view of aerosol pollution. Its location
makes the city an ideal place for observing aerosol transport processes. Systematic investigation of
atmospheric aerosol of the east-Hungarian region has been performed in the Institute of Nuclear
Research of the Hungarian Academy of S...ciences for 20 years by accelerator based elemental
analytical technique. As a complementation of this research we observed the size distribution and
short-term time variation of the elemental component of fine (PM2.5) and coarse (PM10-PM2.5) urban
aerosol in the frame of sampling campaigns during 2007 and 2008 in a downtown site of Debrecen.
Meteorological parameters were also recorded parallel to the aerosol sampling. Elemental
concentrations (Z ≥ 12) were determined by particle induced X-ray emission (PIXE) analytical
technique at the Laboratory of Ion Beam Applications (IBA) of the ATOMKI. On the obtained
database six sources of the urban aerosol were identified: 2 types of soil, domestic heating, sulphate
originating from long range transport processes, an unidentified source enriched with chlorine and
traffic. Emission episodes were also observed. The short-time variation of urban aerosol combined
with meteorological data and with mass size distribution serves as a basis to reach a better
understanding of the aerosol sources in receptor areas, to select local emission and long range
transport episodes, to follow the evolution of aerosol, and to make a better estimate on the health

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