Vol. 5 No. 3 (2020)

Published December 10, 2020


Engineering Education

  • Vocational Teacher Training – Self-Evaluation of Prospective Teachers

    Teacher Training Programmes provide teachers of Vocational Education and Training schools.  At the end the training the students wrote self-evaluation about their most significant experiences. The article deals with the self-evaluation of prospective vocational teachers’ progress after their practical pedagogical training in Vocational Education and Training schools. The students reported on their progress in their various skills. According to the results the students believe that practical pedagogical training makes an essential contribution to their education and future profession.

  • VET 4.0 and Vocational Teacher Training

    Vocational Teacher Training is a small but important element of the regional industrial development. Nowadays the state-of-the-art industrial organisations and processes generate new jobs and positions, and additionally, need new competences. To be able to establish the successful carrier of young professionals these requirements have to be taken into consideration. Teacher Training Programmes of Universities provide new generations of Teachers of Engineering and their approach will determine the nature of the teaching process at VET (Vocational Education and Training) schools. Universities have to adapt to the current requirements of the industry and have to support VET with updated curriculums and training methods.


Materials Sciences

  • The Investigation Of Heat-Resistant PLA Produced By Additive Manufacturing Technology

    In recent years, additive manufacturing technologies have been increasingly used in both custom and small-series production. In such cases, the component must remain functional under realistic conditions.. This means that there must also has a load‑bearing capacity. In many cases, materials are already suitable for strength. However, in many cases (machine parts, outdoor use) the models need to operate reliably at higher temperatures. This seems to be solved by the most widespread additive manufacturing technology (FDM), with a new heat-resistant material, HT PLA. In many cases, the use of cooling is essential during manufacture, especially for parts with high overhangs where hardening of the material is required as soon as possible to achieve the correct surface quality. In this paper, we investigated the effect of cooling applied during manufacturing on the mechanical strength


Mechanical Engineering

  • Thermoelastic Problems of Multilayered Spherical Pressure Vessels Subjected to Axisymmetric Loading

    This paper deals with the linear thermoelastic analysis of functionally graded multilayered spherical bodies subjected to constant mechanical and thermal loading. The temperature field is arbitrary function of the radial coordinate, the material properties and the radial body force vary according to power law functions along the radius of the sphere. An analytical method is presented to calculate the displacements and stresses within the multilayered spherical body. The method is expanded to tackle the problem of spherical bodies made from radially graded materials with temperature dependent material properties. The results are compared to finite element simulations and other methods.

  • Vibration Measurement of a Screening Machine

    In this paper we use linear vibration approach to make a model of a horizontal vibration screen, which can be applied at gravel pit in order to perform separation operation of the wet gravel particles. The model can produce the natural frequencies of the system, which are useful in the adjustment of the angular velocity of the vibration exciter. A laser triangulation unit is well applicable to measure peak-to-peak amplitude of the working vibration screen. Comparison has been performed between the results of the simulation and the measurements.

  • Analysis of Thermal Degradation in the Annealing Process of Colored Parts Built by Extrusion-Based 3D Printing

    With the ever-increasing request of light materials, poly lactic (acid) PLA, have got much in consideration. Low-cost PLA materials have risen its use. Those possess some benefits but nevertheless insufficient mechanical strength. The printed PLA objects have a stumbling block for practical applications. Thus, annealing is an interested alternative to make 3D printed objects strong. This thermal treatment can significantly develop investigational studies and offer technical data. Hence the purpose of this paper is study and discuss how to increase the flexural strength through annealing process. Geometry distortions and color degradation will be analyzed. Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Taguchi Method (TM) and variance (ANOVA) were applied as part of the design experiments and analysis. Twenty-seven printed specimens were tested and factors as temperature, time and color were selected.

  • Direct Optimization of an Automotive Sheet Metal Part Using ANSYS

    Optimization of automotive parts nowadays is mainly used to design lightweight and cost-effective vehicle parts in order to improve the cost and efficiency. In this research, a sheet metal part was taken into consideration and optimized using direct optimization module in ANSYS to evaluate the process. An initial Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was done on the sheet metal part by adding forces and constraints in order to initiate direct optimization. The purpose of the optimization is to minimize the mass of the sheet metal part and maintaining a certain Factor of Safety (FOS) by automatically modifying the sheet thickness and the dimension of the side holes. As a result, the best candidate point with 23% mass reduction was found which complied with FOS value was selected for optimal geometry.

  • Topology Optimization of Automotive sheet metal part using Altair Inspire

    In an optimization problem, different candidate solutions are compared with each other, and then the best or optimal solution is obtained which means that solution quality is fundamental. Topology optimization is used at the concept stage of design. It deals with the optimal distribution of material within the structure. Altair Inspire software is the industry's most powerful and easy-to-use Generative Design/Topology Optimization and rapid simulation solution for design engineers. In this paper Topology optimization is applied using Altair inspire to optimize the Sheet metal Angle bracket. Different results are conducted the better and final results are fulfilling the goal of the paper which is minimizing the mass of the sheet metal part by 65.9%  part and Maximizing the stiffness with Better Results of Von- Miss Stress Analysis,  Displacement, and comparison with different load cases.  This can lead to reduced costs, development time, material consumption, and product less weight.


Vehicle Engineering

  • Improving Safety & Ride Comfort through Dual Suspension System in Road Vehicles

    The essential objective of the proposed suspension framework is to limit the undesired disturbance of a vehicle because of uneven surfaces on streets. This framework in vehicles is comprise of some fundamental components like dampers and springs which ingests the stuns that are instigated by unusual streets. In any case, these frameworks can just work up to a predefined constrain. Vehicle suspension frameworks are planned by taking the solace capacity of a traveler in record and to enhance the street grasp on each surface.

    This examination proposes an idea for structuring a superior suspension arrangement of vehicles to upgrade the nature of the drive without corrupting the dependability of the vehicle plan. In this exploration, a mix of two suspension framework is presented in which one goes about as an essential suspension while different fills in as an optional framework that can adequately lessen the vibrations. This mix upgrades the customary framework that is right now introduced in vehicles without bargaining on solace and street hold.

  • Maintenance of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

    An electric car is a vehicle powered by one or more electric engines, utilizing energy stored within batteries that are rechargeable. The first register of a usable electrical vehicle dates from 1880s. A hybrid vehicle incorporates two or more different power types, including, e.g., gasoline engines and electric motor. The goal in this work is to present the overall overview of the structure of the electric, hybrid and electric-hybrid vehicles, advantages and disadvantages of these types, the main points to focus when maintaining these and the challenges involved in its production and maintenance.


Management Sciences

  • Possible ways of IP Commercialisation in the European Higher Education Ecosystem

    Strong links between universities, and companies can play crucial role in promoting taking into practice of ideas that drive the knowledge society, and in raising competitiveness and living standards. In academic terms of IP management, all activities aimed at sharing knowledge generated in research institutions as a knowledge transfer including scientific publishing, conference presentations, collaborative research with external partners, and contract-based clustering activities, such as licensing and spin-offs. In a narrower sense, the IP management means technology transfer is aimed at placing a given technology on the market, and includes any process by which the recovery partner becomes able to produce new products or services. IP with traditional university mission, values, and activities primarily focusing an active university role in entrepreneurship and contracts with private sector for IP commercialization. This paper gives a comprehensive overview about IP management in universities of the European Higher Education System including the following aspects: partnerships (licensing, industry collaborators); IP invention (disclosures, patenting); proof of concept research bridging the gap between lab discoveries and market application (highly innovative R&D to solve practical problems and commercialization research aiming patented technologies towards business exploitations) and commercialization (start-up incubators and strengthening the entrepreneurial attitudes and competencies). The methodology based on secondary research analysing EU, OECD, on-line literature sources and relevant, up-to date statistical data as well. The conclusions and recommendations based on this „desk research” work reflects the authors.

  • Developing a Financial Sustainability Model of the Performance Indicators Applied by Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna)

    Jordan is now facing real challenges to satisfy the current population water needs due to limited resources. Moreover, unfortunately, as a result of the increased demand for water in developing countries, water resources become scarce, thus, the sustainable management of water resources is very important everywhere and especially in these areas. The Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Jordan is aiming to improve both its quality of service and financial sustainability, therefore, it started to apply the performance measurement system developed by the International Water Association (IWA) to monitor its performance towards achieving these goals. In this article, a model connecting a financial sustainability indicator (operating cost coverage ratio) with other performance indicators applied by the ministry is developed. To assess the performance indicators and to build the model secondary data are collected from the targeted company, the data are analyzed using SPSS and Excel computer programs. Non-revenue water (NRW), speed of repair of bursts, and training per employee are found to be the indicators that have a major impact on Miyahuna’s financial sustainability, the NRW is found to have a negative relationship with the financial sustainability, whereas the other two indicators have a positive relationship. As a conclusion, reducing the NRW and increasing both the speed of repair and training per employee are recommended, by applying some methods that continuously diagnose problems in the water systems and defining clear and strict policies to control the water theft. Furthermore, using Active Leakage Control (ALC) methods, providing the needed equipment, tools and resources, and adopting new methods for training.

  • The Relationship between Family Background and Labor Market Success

    In our study, we undertake to explore the social background of fresh graduates (has absolutorium) by field of study. In doing so, we put great emphasis on the educational attainment of the parents and the financial situation of the family, as these factors can have a significant impact on young people's learning opportunities, attitudes and career paths. In the theoretical part of our research, we consider it important to present the experiences of domestic and international authors on the socio-economic situation. Subsequently, the 2015 Graduate Career Tracking System (DPR) database provided us an excellent opportunity to study the complex data collected by the 34 higher education institutions. In our analysis, we highlighted the different socio-economic backgrounds of graduates from different disciplines. Based on our research, we have concluded that young people from richer families are in a better position on the labor market, earning higher incomes than children of parents with lower social status

  • The Impact of labor Turnover on The Service Quality of Hotels

    This study aimed to know the dimensions of labor turnover (low morale, poor employees training, payment, job satisfaction) and study the effect of these dimensions on the quality of service in hotels. The results of multiple regression show that there is an effect of dimensions labor turnover on quality of service. Correlation between labor turnover and tangibility was the strongest and there is a moderate relationship between labor turnover and each of responsibility, reliability, assurance, and empathy.


Mathematics, Physics, Informatics

  • Global Inversion of Pressure Dependent Acoustic Velocity Data Based on a New Rock Physical Model

    In this paper with the further development of our previously published single exponential model, the new multiple exponential model describing the pressure dependence of acoustic longitudinal wave velocity is presented. Since with increasing pressure in the rock several relaxation mechanisms at the same time can cause the increasing propagation velocity, the new model can handle two or more physical mechanisms (e.g. the closure of pore volume or microcracks or friction on grain boundaries etc.). The previously applied linearized inversion procedure can trap in a local minimum, so during laboratory measured longitudinal velocity-pressure data processing a global optimization method was used to find the absolute minimum. Using the developed model equation as response equation in a Simulated Annealing algorithm the petrophysical parameters of the model can be determined. Inversion results proved that the calculated data using the new model and algorithm matched more accurate with measured data on a rock sample.



  • The Impact of a Coronavirus Epidemic on China’s Public Debt Ratio Growth

    Public opinion in the economic profession is strongly preoccupied with the expected negative economic effects of the coronavirus epidemic. Among the consequences, special attention is paid to the increase in the gross debt of the states. Indeed, based on conventional economic knowledge, it is clear to everyone that the economic downturn and the increase in government sector expenditure will directly lead to a sharp rise in government debt. The study aims to predict an increase in China’s government debt ratio using a macroeconomic model. The study will quantify the rate of increase in China’s public debt based on four theoretically possible scenarios for the course of the coronavirus epidemic. I am aware that it is difficult to apply conventional economic knowledge to China’s state-capitalist system. This is explained by the fact that the theories of the socialist economic model do not apply to China either. At the same time, the functioning of China's economy is closer to that of market-based economies, but the country's structure as a whole cannot be integrated into this framework either. But models describing the economic development of developing national economies cannot be applied to the country either. Nonetheless, I attempt to use conventional economic economics to attempt to quantify the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on China’s sovereign debt ratio. China’s public debt growth rates calculated under different outbreak scenarios are different, but none show an increase that would call into question the financing of China’s public debt.

  • New Research methods of Sales-Marketing Interfaces
    The energy invested in research in this topic is justified by the fact that the lack of optimal integration between SM (sales-marketing) can negatively affect overall corporate efficiency. The aim of this article is to present possible research methods that can reveal the impact of selected indicators, such as information exchange, coordination, vision and communication, conflicts, on the operation of the SM interface, according to Hungarian and foreign employees of international companies, and how they affect sales and marketing collaboration between pharmaceutical companies (PMC) and non-pharmaceutical companies (NPMC). It also attempts to demonstrate how the Partial Least Square (PLS) path modeling technique can provide valuable information on the consequences of management activity, and how the methods provided by Voyant Tools provide further research through quantitative analysis of qualitative data on the marketing sales interface (SMI), they can open up opportunities. The PLS-PM modeling technique was used to explore the relationships between the selected factors and possible hidden variables. These results clearly demonstrate that there are factors that influence SM collaboration that operate differently in PMCs and NPMCs, and that nationality differences can have a significant impact on how employees evaluate factors that affect SM collaboration. Of the methods we selected by Voyant Tools, the t-SNE (t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbour Embedding) tool proved to be the most sophisticated analysis, allowing the deepest analyzes by exploring relationships between groups of terms.
  • Investments and Their Financing Risks and Risk Management Trends in the Last 10 Years

    The purpose of our literature review was to understand the state of research related to management of risk of corporation’s investments and their finance within the past 10 years. Nowadays the risk management and problem solving are characterized by holistic approach and complexity - and these tendencies we can see clearly. We need to examine the likvidity, financing and investment questions together, because of the interactions between them. They can influenced the corporate value together. The role of risk management in the investments is the  cash-flow smoothing (we mean: cash-flow generated by investment). The field of corporate finance is noticeably inseparable from other areas of business science (at least in the empirical analyses), and even technical issues, like risk management, have long been considered suitable appropriate in an integrated form. The financial and operational hedging has become indispensable elements of the managerial toolbar. The consequence of crisis (from 2007) promotes the birth of many studies that justify it. The researchers are paying close attention the transaction costs, such as costs of contracts or agent costs, and the losses due to information assimetry. The statements of behavioral finance connection with managerial decisions mean important additives in this field.

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