October 1, 2019


Thematic articles

Maddalena Colombo

Policy Against School Drop-out in Italy

Alessandra Decataldo, Andrea Amico, Giampiero D’Alessandro

The Interaction of Meso and Macro contexts with students’ careers. Three applied analysis

Emese Berei

For the Sake of the Cause – Persistence of Romanian Higher Education Students in Finishing their Studies

Gabriella Pusztai, Hajnalka Fényes, Fruzsina Szigeti, Katalin Pallay

Dropped-out Students and the Decision to Drop-out in Hungary

Valéria Markos, Zsófia Kocsis, Ágnes Réka Dusa

Different Forms of Civil Activity and Employment in Hungary and Abroad, and the Development of Student Drop-out

Judit Váradi, Zsuzsanna Demeter-Karászi, Klára Kovács

The Connection between Extracurricular, Leisure Time Activities, Religiosity and the Reason for Drop-out

Research papers

Emese Belényi

At the Crossroad of Cultures: Education and Identity of Hungarian Deaf Learners in Romania

Edina Kovács

Non-completed Studies: What Factors Affect Academic Success or Failure?

Book review

Zsolt Kristóf

Higher Education Research on the Issue of Dropout: Book review on Gabriella PUSZTAI – Fruzsina SZIGETI: Dropout and persistence in higher education