Editorial Policies and Ethical Considerations

CEJER complies with the guidelines and best practices set forth by the Commission on Publication Ethics (COPE). Any cases of ethical misconduct are treated very seriously and will be dealt with in accordance with the COPE guidelines.

Received submissions will be considered by the Editor-in-Chief to determine whether they fall within the scope of the journal. The journal reserves the right to run the submitted manuscripts through a plagiarism filtering system. Appropriate submissions will be sent out for full external review. The submissions not falling within the scope of the journal or the similarity index is too high on the plagiarism check, will be returned to the submitting author.

The race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, origin or political views of the authors will be not evaluated, just the intellectual content of the submitted manuscript.

The editorial board members do not make public any information about the submitted manuscript, except for the author, lectors, other editorial board members or publisher.

Those materials which are waiting for publication cannot be used for the editor’s (or editorial board members’) own research without the authors’ written permission.

Each paper is evaluated in a double-blind, peer review process. Manuscripts sent out for review will typically be assessed by at least two experts. However, in extenuating circumstances (e.g. because of a delay caused by an overdue reviewer), the Editor may make a recommendation based on the comments of only one reviewer, plus his/her own assessment of the manuscript.

Reviewers are allocated to manuscripts based upon various criteria including expertise, availability and workload. Only the leading specialists in the area of the manuscript are invited as reviewers. Reviewing usually takes two-four months. The decision of the Editor with the experts' comments will be sent to the authors. In case of the consideration of the manuscript authors are asked to improve their manuscripts based on the comments made by the Editor and the reviewers. When authors submit their revised work, they have to provide a corrected version of their manuscript.

Revisions and resubmissions of previously rejected manuscripts will be sent back to those reviewers who evaluated the original version of the manuscript. However, in some cases, the Editor may decide not to re-invite all original reviewers and/or may invite new reviewers.

Based on the publication frequency of CEJER, the time period between the received submission and the publication date is 3 to 5 months.

Authors of the Journal are requested to sign the Author’s declaration document. The filled and signed form should be uploaded with the manuscript during the submission process.