Aims and Scope

- Central European Journal of Educational Research is rooted in the deep regional interest of all levels and types of contemporary problems of education in Hungary, Romania (Transilvania), Slovakia and Ukraine. The journal is engaged in representing the questions, foundings and solutions, arguments and correlations/relationships/ correspondences of formal and informal education in Central and Eastern Europe, following a lifewide and lifelong perspective, keeping high publication standards in all articles.

- The Editors are committed to making CEJER an interactive platform to cover experiences, similarities, differences, cooperations, and synergies of the educational activities in our region, albeit the international results and general trends are also our essential scope.

- Submissions to the journal should examine and theorize the interrelated experiences of education including any institutional levels, variable topics such as socialization, evaluation, organizational issues, and others. Authors cover different focuses from sport to religion, or from music to science. Education in CEJER is interpreted in a broad sense, open to new areas such as informational technologies in education or parental, relationship and family education.

- CEJER expects articles that reveal the local or regional adequate experiences of education and in the same peace link research to the global theoretical trends, going beyond simple descriptions. CEJER prioritize to uncover the background of education: the effects of family background, youth cultures, communities of classes, schools and local cities, organizational conditions or media are all significant scopes of contemporary research.