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  • A transzkulturalizmus kartográfiája
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    „The aim of the article is to analyse the relationship between transculturalism and cartography in some works of contemporary Hungarian literature. In doing so, the paper introduces the concept of “transcultural geographical tension”, which refers to the tension resulting from the flow of information, data and people between the points A and B. Furthermore, the study examines how individual literary works produce this geographical tension in such a way that their text is also created as a map. „e following works constitute the corpus of analyses: Zoltán Csehy: Grüezi! (2020), Tamás Korpa: A lombhullásról egy júliusi tölggyel (2020), Tantalópolis (2016) by Peter Macsovszky and Anikó N. Tóth’s A szalamandra mosolya (2022).

  • Az alárendelt nyelve Borbély Szilárd műveiben
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    The study deals with the possibilities of the subordinate language in the texts of Szilárd Borbély. The theoretical background is provided by the article of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak Can the subaltern speak?, Marxist philosophy, deconstruction, postcolonial literary theory, cultural studies, feminist literary studies, trauma theory, ecocriticism, multiculturalism and network theory. The paper refers to the change that occured in Hungarian literature and in the works of Szilárd Borbély from around 2000, resulting in the replacement of the ironic-parodic language of literature with the traumatic. The subordinated language of the works of Szilárd Borbély can be approached as a poetics of silence, communication disorders, speech impediments, aphasia, a voice disorder, stuttering, the anarthria, dysarthria, apraxia, mutism etc., as well as a dialect and the poetics of error. The grammatical and stylistic errors of the texts result in a tragic and traumatic effect.