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Hétköznapok a Nyugat folyóiratnál: (1911. január – március)
Megjelent október 30, 2021

In August 1910, the Nyugat Publishing Public Limited Company was established based mostly on the financial resources of Baron Lajos Hatvany. The editorial office launched new series of books, and invested big sums of money into representation. Nevertheless, the circulation of the periodical stagnated, so, in half-year’s time, the company prod...uced enormous decit. In early 1911, Baron Lajos Hatvany tried to put the blame on the senior editor, Ernő Osvát, who rejected to alter his editorial policy. Hatvany started a silent war against Osvát trying to destroy Osvát’s reputation before the public. In this paper, I reconstruct how the co-editors (Ignotus and Miksa Fenyő) calmed down Hatvany with promises and insignificant corrections in the editing process. ‚ey succeeded to maintain the virtual peaceful situation until they found new investors.

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