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  • Az abúzus nyelve: Megjegyzések a Hosszú nap el szubjektumképéről
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    According to the reviews of Szilárd Borbély’s long poem Hosszú nap el (1993), the monotonous and repetitive characteristics of the work are based on the imitation of lingual sense-making and its unconscious processes. Most of the interpretations influenced by the ravaged and flawed side of the text have been dissolved in the varios trophes (stuttering, incantations etc) of orality and social language use that refer to the performative function of language. The analysis of the poem’s allegorical structure highlights that the identity of the speaking self is unsettled by the repetition encoded in the trophe and by a temporality which ties the birth of the subject to the witholding of speech. In my paper I attempt to reveal the patterns of a manipulated and ”overcoded” language behind the syntactical and rhetorical infractions of Borbély’s poem.