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Meditatív nyelvi kísérletek: (Borbély Szilárd: Adatok)
Megjelent január 1, 2016

The first book of Szilárd Borbély, Adatok (1988), did not receive much attention from the readers and the critics, so it has not received any professional reviews. It is a book with eclectic genres, stylistic peculiarities and pathetic tones of the voice, that did not meet the readers’ expectations in the time of regime change. Critics of B...orbély’s later books consider it an experiment. No comprehensive interpretations have been written and its place in the oeuvre has not been determined. The book is divergent at the first reading, yet this divergence is consistent. The style is often anachronistic, but the setting is full of experimental solutions, therefore the texts rely heavily on the experimental attitude of avant-garde poems. The study of the text corpus with its essayistic and lyrical details help to rehabilitate the first chapters of the lifework and to discover the topics, motifs and motivations of Borbély’s subsequent books. This essay takes a closer look at the first and only edition of Adatok, including the (essay)poems and related visual parts, the characteristics of Borbély’s first publications prior to this volume, and also the connections between Borbély’s early poems and the avant-garde.

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Elektronikus környezetbe vetett testünk
Megjelent január 1, 2011

Humankind, differentiated from nature, has always strived to extend the body and to overcome spatial boundaries. These civilizational attempts have been achieved by means of technological inventions and developments recently. The continuous technological development could, however, qualify only partially as an energyeffective means for establis...hing experimental spaces. The instinctive “colonization process” has been able to unfold in electronic environments.
The bodily fixation and the narrow scope of attention are qualities of Internet use which cannot create the experience of full-body immersion. In contrast, Virtual Reality (VR) attempts to create a sense of full audiovisual-haptic experience in the recipient by aspiring for interactivity. However, this field does not correlate with global networks which would minimize spatial constraints and which, speaking about the Internet, are the essential sources of popularity and dynamism. Certainly, it is just a matter of time before developers attempt to integrate these currently disconnected virtual environments in a giant Internet-like fashion. What is even more likely is that sensational qualities and features of virtual reality will be assigned to the organism of the Internet. In the case of virtual reality the fixation of view was replaced by the fixation of environment, a concept that will be abandoned and followed by a constantly changing, dynamic system after the setting up of a network virtual reality.

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