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  • Dekonstrukció és etika között: A trauma alakzatai Shoshana Felman és Cathy Caruth írásaiban
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    The essay investigates what role the notion of trauma gets in the texts of Shoshana Felman and Cathy Caruth: trauma enables both authors to open up Paul de Man’s textually oriented deconstructive approach to questions of referentiality, history and ethics. After studying three main features of trauma theory (how does literature and the literary figure in trauma theory, what link is there between trauma and jurisprudence, and how does trauma become the paradoxical model of the relationship between consciousness and history), the essay confronts it with recent critiques arriving mainly from feminism and postcolonial theory.

  • „A nő rejtélye”: Olvasás és ismétlés Kemény Zsigmond Ködképek a kedély láthatárán című regényében
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    The essay reads Zsigmond Kemény’s Ködképek a kedély láthatárán through theoretical insights provided by psychoanalysis, gender studies and deconstruction. The first part of the text is devoted to an analysis of narrative roles from the perspective of political power; observing how the friendship of Várhelyi and Cecil - the protagonists of the story -, seems to escape such power structures; at the same time, it represents the woman as an enigma and metaphorizes her soul as a fragment. The second part of the essay rereads Cecil’s tale of Ameline with the use of conventions and textual constructions found in (female) gothic genre concluding with some thoughts about how these two seemingly diverging sets of questions are intimately related to each other.