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  • „e kő a testnek súlya s fájdalma”: Vázlatos áttekintés a kortárs magyar líra biopoétikai vonulatáról
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    Th™e present study attempts to delineate the biopoetic tendencies in contemporary Hungarian poetry. Aft“er a general introduction to the theoretical context of biopoetics and its different approaches of literary interpretation, three main topics are discussed. ™The first part of the paper examines how the representation and the rhetoric of the body have changed in several poetic constructions concerned with various experiences of the self and the other. The second one focuses on texts that rethink human perception and experience in relation to other forms of living beings and the ecosystem as well with critical reflection on the role of the language and the sociocultural and scientific background that shapes the concepts of life and human existence. ™The final part of the paper is centered around the question how technology and digitality affect our way of thinking and experiencing, and how this knowledge appears in literary texts that either incorporate the principles of other media (e. g. video games, smart keyboards) into their internal textual operation or change the concept of the lyric voice through intermedial connections.