Szerződés vagy pallosjog? Ambrus Zoltán és a Révai Testvérek életműszerződése

October 30, 2021
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Rózsafalvi, Z. (2021). Szerződés vagy pallosjog? Ambrus Zoltán és a Révai Testvérek életműszerződése. Studia Litteraria, 60(3-4), 212–233. https://ojs.lib.unideb.hu/studia/article/view/10301

The subject of my study is an area that has not been researched so far: the working relationship between Zoltán Ambrus and the Révai Brothers book publishing company, of which the head of the company, János Mór Révai, remembers in a warm but not realistic way in his memoir. However, the reality, according to the sources studied, was different, conflictladen. In December 1902, Zoltán Ambrus signed a life contract with Révai Brothers publishing company, which was one of the most significant book-publishing houses in Hungary. They have published the collected works of our most important writers e.g. Jókai, Mikszáth, Károly Eötvös. The subject of the contract was a 16-volume series that included all the works the writer had previously published in journals. The working relationship between the publisher and the writer deteriorated due to Ambrus’s slow pace of work and delays, the fact that some works were illegally transferred to other publishers and few subscribers applied. Although after the deterioration of the working relationship the series was still published with a five-year delay, the contract was terminated in 1913. This date coincides with the retirement of Ambrus from his career as a fiction writer, and he continued work as Director of the National Museum. The memory of Mór Révai and his propaganda book about the publisher presented the working relationship with a strong distortion.