Évf. 60 szám 3–4 (2021): Írói gazdálkodások a 19–20. században

Erdélyi József és az irodalmi piac (1921–1944)

Megjelent október 30, 2021
Imre Zsolt Lengyel
ELTE BTK, Magyar Irodalom- és Kultúratudományi Intézet


Lengyel, I. Z. (2021). Erdélyi József és az irodalmi piac (1921–1944). Studia Litteraria, 60(3–4), 190–211. Elérés forrás https://ojs.lib.unideb.hu/studia/article/view/10300

My paper gives an outline of the literary career of the 20th-century Hungarian poet Erdélyi József between 1921 and 1944. What makes Erdélyi an interesting subject for such a case study is the fact that he was one of the apparently very few poets of the period who thought of literature as a full-time job. The paper surveys the reception of Erdélyi to reconstruct the ideological context that has determined his position-takings and strategies. The paper finds that the public discourse of the period was deeply divided between pro- and anti-capitalist opinions and that the habitus of Erdélyi was similarly torn: his career shows signs of alternately trying to adapt to the marketplace and to become a dominant player on the one hand – and rejecting calculations and rationality on the other.