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Gondolatok a pécsi tudományegyetem jubileuma kapcsán
Published March 13, 2019
193 - 201

Thoughts about the University of Pécs Celebrating it’s 650th Jubilee. The University of Pécs, the first ever university in Hungary, celebrated the 650th anniversary of its establishment in September 2017. The study briefly describes the different projects and events that were initiated in Pécs but also around the country in order to celebr...ate the jubilee condignly. These efforts included university and department level publications, exhibitions, and other events that attracted attention above and beyond the city of Pécs. It is important to note, that there were a number of international scholars and collaborators involved in the organization of some events.

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A zágrábi Tudományegyetem hungarológiai tanszékének története
Published March 18, 2019
66 - 81

The author gives an overview on the history of a quarter of a century of the youngest foreign workshop of Hungarian studies, namely, Department of Hungarian Language and Literature of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Zagreb. The education on Hungarian studies started in Zagreb in 1944 and was precedented. At the University of Zagr...eb the Hungarian Language Department was functioning as early as the second half of the 19th century. Form 1904 to 1918, for almost one and a half century at the same place Hungarian language and literature was educated with the direction of professor Dr. Kázmér Greska. After the collapse of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy the representatives of the Croatian National Council radically put out professor Greska from the university and closed down the department. It was impossible to reorganize it in Yugoslavia between the two world wars. A new possibility came only after the independence of Croatia in 1994. The work in the department restarted on the basis of an interstate contract under the leadership of professor Dr. Milka Jauk-Pinhak and with the partnership of visiting teachers from Hungary. Today, under the management of Orsolya Žagar-Szentesi, 25-30 students start their studies at the department in each year. The function of the special college of translation of poetic works is outstanding. The department in 2002 celebrated the 900 years jubilee of the coronation of Kálmán Könyves as Croatian king with the representative volume of essays entitled Croato-Hungarica. The department was introduced in the „Hungarian issue” of the journal Književna smotra, the Zagreb journal of world literature in 2014 on the 20th jubilee of the department. Their latest publication is With heart and Soul/ Dušom i srcem Hungarian-Croatian Somatic Phraseology/ Mađarsko-hrvatski rječnik somatskih frazema (2018).

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Jubilee chronicle, Remembering the foudation of the university 650 years ago
Published September 14, 2019

A Pécsi Tudományegyetem 6510 éves évfordulójára megjelentetett Per Aspera ad Astra különszámának ismertetése

Béla Pukánszky researcher and artist
Published December 28, 2021

In the first phase of the history of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Debrecen, several lecturers were in close connection with arts. This study intends to introduce primarily the musical significance of Professor Béla Pukánszky from Pozsony. In the course of the research, I attempted to read and process the surviving documents of the... personal legacy along with the critiques, reviews and jubilee studies written by contemporary scholars and colleagues. In Béla Pukánszky’s case, I relied on the documents preserved in the Manuscript Archive at the University of Debrecen (minutes, concert invitations, handwritten and typed music history performances), and especially on his wife’s correspondence. As a result, I report on Béla Pukánszky’s art-related scholarly and educational pursuits as writer and lecturer, and demonstrate the proactive role he undertook in the artistic life of Debrecen, Budapest, and the whole of Hungary. Thus, my work contributes to the previous research results on the important activities of the faculty’s and the town’s nationally outstanding intellectual circles in the fields of cultural history, cultural education and art patronage.

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ELTE 375 - Beszámoló az ELTE centenáriumáról
Published December 4, 2011

Budapest’s Eötvös University is 375 years old—Report on ELTE ’s Anniversary Celebration. In 2010 Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary’s oldest continuously operating institute of higher education, celebrated the 375th anniversary of its foundation. The university’s legal predecessor was established in in 1635 by Péter Pázmány, Archbishop of Esztergom. The text describes the major stages of the preparation for the year of jubilee and the most significant events of the festive year. The chief purpose of the series of events, it is stated, was to strengthen the sense of belonging in the former and current civil community of the university. In addition, the series of festivities offering a multitude of year-long professional and cultural programmes reminded all of the fact that the university, owing to the programmatically high standards it is committed to represent, is an outstanding shaper of scientific and scholarly activity and of training new generations of intellectuals.

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Ünnepi emlékkönyvek és tisztelgő tomusok: gondolatok egyetemtörténeti kötetekről
Published March 18, 2019
147 - 154

Jubilarian Academic Writing: Reflections on Commemorative Volumes of Institutional History. The present survey of both the theoretical ramifications and practical dilemmas of jubilarian academic writing attempts to look at the nature, conceptuality, and generic properties of commemorative writing as representative texts of institutional history... in the ”groves of academe.” Particular attention is attributed to those personalized and self-contained volumes which have been earmarked as special gifts by peer-group members – most often colleagues and former students – in honour of professors and associate professors in the year of their jubilee, which also tends to be the year of their retirement. In the history of the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen, so far 7 Full Professors (listed in the chronological order of the year of their respective jubilees: László Országh [1993 and 2007: 2 vols.], István Pálffy [1999], Péter Egri [2002], Béla Korponay [1998 and 2008], Zoltán Abádi-Nagy [2010; 4 vols.], Donald E. Morse [2011 and 2012: 2 vols.], Zsolt Kálmán Virágos [2012; 2 vols.]) and 4 Associate Professors (Sarolta Kretzoi [2009], Csilla Bertha [2011], Béla Hollósy [2013], and Péter Pelyvás [2014]) have been the beneficiaries of commemorative volumes as special and honorary gifts. The author of the survey painstakingly documents the bibliographical details of all the respective essays published.

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Ethnography - 70 - Debrecen
Published January 20, 2020

Ethnography – 70 – Debrecen. The Department of Ethnography of the University of Debrecen held a commemoration for the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the department. Besides the introduction of the event in the following, we can read the two speeches describing the past, the present and the future of the department held t...o the audience at present, the past and present students, lecturers of the department, and those who are interested in ethnography.


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