Peer Review

Authors could send their papers to the following columns of  GERUNDIUM

Gallery:Writings presenting the lives of prominent personalities from the past of higher education in Hungary and Debrecen. The presentation of the life and activities of the former rectors of the University of Debrecen would play an important role.

Studies: Studies related to the history of Hungarian and higher education institutions and majors, which affect broad segments of the history of Hungarian higher education from studying abroad and chronologically treats the history from the Middle Ages to the present.

Publication of sources: Commented publication of shorter works on the history of higher education in Hungary and abroad, which have not yet been published in print. Emphasizing interesting written traces of the history of higher education in Debrecen, but this is not exclusive.

Repository: So far the emphasis has been on communicating the archontology of KLTE faculty and staff, nevertheless databases (in particular personal) that go beyond the history of higher education in Debrecen will also be published.

Memoirs: In particular writings that have a personal tone, which flash up memories of the great personalities, educational and scientific workshops of the past decades of the educational history of Debrecen.

Book review: The presentation of the latest international and Hungarian works of the history of higher education, which on one hand can be progressive in their methodology and linked to the profile of the journal in their topic on the other hand.

Actuality: Reports on recent events related to the university history of Hungary and Debrecen (but even abroad) like conferences, book reviews, statue unveilings, and ceremonies.

All writings submitted for publication are first reviewed by the editorial board. After reception of the works, the editorial board ensures the anonymous proofreading. Manuscripts will be sent sent to two referees who are scholars in the field for blind evaluation. This double blind review usually takes up to eight weeks.  After reviewing the opinions of lectors, the editorial board decides whether to accept and publish the manuscript. In case of a significant difference between the two reviewers, the editor may seek the advice of a third referee.  The final decision (positive or negative) is communicated to the author within 16 weeks from the submission. The editorial board also reserves the right to corrects errors (linguistic, formal, technical, IT) that do not substantially affect the content of the work. In case the manuscript is rejected, the editorial board sends it back to the author.