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The Initiation Ceremonies of the Hungarian Royal University of debrecen -23 october 1918.
Published September 14, 2019

Initiation Ceremonies of the Hungarian Royal University of Debrecen – 23 October 1918. The last Hungarian king, Charles IV on the 23rd October 1918 – some days before the disintegration of the Austrian-
Hungarian Monarchy – visited Debrecen and solemnly, with ceremony, as was customary, officially inaugurated the Hungarian Royal Univer...sity of Debrecen that was already functioning for four years. The
study – mainly with the reflections of the press and photos of the time – follows the events of the significant day of Debrecen.

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Kincsek az egyetemen: A titokzatos festmény
Published August 14, 2018

Treasures at the University – The mysterious Painting. For decades the Rectorial Council Hall of the Main Building of the University of Debrecen has been decorated by a large-sized painting created by Iványi- Grünwald Béla, that is titled: Dull Mihály elítélése [that translates as: Sentencing of Mihály Dull]. Until now, however, h...ardly just legends have been circling around about how, when and under what circumstances the painting was brought to Debrecen. The author of the writing attempts to explore the reality behind these legends.

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85 éves az egyetem főépülete
Published July 19, 2017

The 85-Year-Old Main Building of the University. What is today the main building of the University was inaugurated on May 15, 1932. Construction work on the monumental edifice took four years and on completion it was capable of accommodating, after 20 years of waiting, three faculties of the institution, as well a...s the various university offices. In a retrospective survey, the discussion highlights the most significant moments of the emergence of the main building from the laying of the cornerstone to its  inauguration.

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Tisza István emlékezete
Published July 19, 2017

The Remembrance of István Tisza. The statue of István Tisza was erected in October 2015 in front of the main building of the University of Debrecen. The text conjures up the memory of the onetime name-giver of the university by depicting the events of the festive occasion of the erection and by offering retrospective ...m>flashes pertaining to the history of the statue.

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Published December 28, 2020

This piece of writing looks back to the symbols of the University of Debrecen which are also in use today, emphasizing that the finials on top of the ”gerundiums”, the chains and medals of the dean and rector were made more than 100 years ago: they were made of bronze of cannon which were taken for loot in World War I, recalling that se...veral students and educators of the university fought and died to defend the homeland.

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100 esztendő öröksége
Published October 18, 2016

The Heritage of 100 Years. The library of the University of Debrecen celebrated its centenary in 2016. The current selection offers a summary of the most significant ideas in the lectures presented at the memorial session on September 30, 2016. It also offers a survey of the relevant events of the University of Debrecen ...em>pertaining to the festive occasion.

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Centenáriumi kalendárium
Published March 3, 2013

A CENTENARY CALENDAR. In the previous issue of our periodical the proceedings of the Opening Event of the Series of Centenary Programmes of the University of Debrecen were given a detailed presentation. he current assortment ofers a chronological introduction of the most important university events of the Centenary ...m>Year of 2012. he calendar can make mention of a wide selection of respective programme events: in addition to various festive commemorations, exhibitions and conferences there is a salutation of the university’s irst Olympic champion, further sports and festival events are also mentioned.

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A Debreceni Egyetem Centenáriumi Év programsorozatának nyitó rendezvénye
Published August 5, 2012

THE OPENING EVENT OF THE SERIES OF PROGRAMS COMMEMORATING THE CENTENNIAL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF DEBRECEN, FEBRUARY 3–4, 2012. A commemorative session of the University Senate, the inauguration of a memorial plaque, the opening of an exhibition, a theatrical world premier, and an evening ball were part of the program of the centenary year with which the University of Debrecen celebrated the onehundredth anniversary of the foundation of its legal predecessor, the Royal Hungarian University of Debreczen. he brief summary below will evoke the respective events of the series of pertinent events.

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