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Vol 10No 22019
Prešov – Moving of the Lutheran Law School to Miskolc in the academic year 1918/19. The Law School in Prešov was (re)established in 1862 and became a very important educational centre for UpperHungarian families. During the WW I the education was frequently disturbed by garrisoned military troops, and the substitution of fighting professors wa...s a huge challenge for the school. Before the treaty ofTrianon there were plans to move the school to Miskolc, but after the Czechoslovakian occupation of Prešov (December 1918) and the forbidding of the education in the Law School, the school moved in March 2019to Miskolc and started the education in the fall of 1919.
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Vol 9No 42018

A kassai felsőoktatás intézményeinek hallgatói 1776-1852 - recenzió

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