Vol. 11 No. 3-4 (2020): MMXX vol. XI. nos.3-4


The Editorial Board of the Budapest Philogical Society (1874 -1948)

Published December 28, 2020
József Mudrák
University of Debrecen Faculty of General Medicine Conference Center and Medical History Collection
Budapest Philological Society Universal Philological Bulletin modern philology archontology
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Mudrák, J. (2020). The Editorial Board of the Budapest Philogical Society (1874 -1948). Gerundium, 11(3-4), 197–228. https://doi.org/10.29116/gerundium/2020/3-4/11

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Following its establishment in Germany, the Budapest Philological Society, which was active for seven decades between 1874 and 1948, brought together specialists dealing with classical philology and modern philology.  Among members were ancient studies and modern languages and literaries educating professors and teachers, who were interested in these studies seriously. All the specialists published articles in the Universal Philological Bulletin, which was the journal of this society.
The study presents the managment of the society with the exact dates, mainly by general meeting records. The society had honorary members from Hungarian and foreign specialists, the best known is Achille Ratti, later pope XI. Pius.