Vol. 50 (2014)


Proemi, tempi e tecniche delle Storie di Livio

Published July 24, 2020
Luigi Bessone
Università di Padova
Livy books periochae praefationes Augustus Padua Roma
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Bessone, L. . (2020). Proemi, tempi e tecniche delle Storie di Livio. Acta Classica Universitatis Scientiarum Debreceniensis, 50, 83–100. Retrieved from https://ojs.lib.unideb.hu/classica/article/view/7985

Livy’s book I, first published on its own after January of 27, when Octavian received the title Augustus, republished probably with books II-V, to form a unified first pentad, was written roughly in the years 33-32, certainly before the battle of Actium. This is clear from certain passages and it casts light on Livy’s method, involving a long interval between writing and publication, with continuous revision of the text; books CXXI ff., editi post excessum Augusti, can thus have been composed in the years 6-14 A.D., when Livy went back to Padua.