About the Journal

Editorial statement (mission and content strategy of the journal)

Acta Classica Universitatis Debreceniensis (ACD) was established in 1965 by Stephanus Borzsák, a late professor of the University of Debrecen. It has appeared annually since then under the supervision of an international editorial board. The journal is published by the Department of Classical Philology and Ancient History at the University of Debrecen. We aim to publish scholarly papers in all areas of classical studies, including philology, history, literature, philosophy, religion, linguistics, archaeology and culture of the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds.


Aims and Scope

ACD is a peer-reviewed academic journal published annually in September, which welcomes contributions on any topic directly related to the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Articles should make a new and interesting contribution to our understanding of classical antiquity. ACD is keen on publishing papers carefully thought through and clearly argued. Papers should be of interest to both a broad range of classicists and a general academic readership. The journal publishes articles circa 20,000 words in length (but there is no absolute maximum or minimum length), including footnotes and bibliography. ACD is open to contributions from any country. The language of publication is English, but submissions in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Latin are also welcome.

ACD does not charge the authors any fees for manuscript processing, publication or submission, and neither does it pay them any royalties.



The published volumes are archived by DEA (Archive of the University of Debrecen) and the latest issues are available on the site.