Authors’ guidelines for ACD

Authors are advised to closely follow the authors’ guidelines and consult recent back issues of ACD to determine if their submission is appropriate in terms of general content. Articles are accepted via the platform of OJS which is accesible under the title of Submissions. For the authors' responsibility, please see our Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.

Please follow these rules when writing an article suitable for publication in ACD:

1. A short English abstract of the article (10 lines long) and a list of English keywords are required to be provided at the beginning of the paper.

2. Authors should provide their status, institution and their own e-mail address at the beginning of the paper.

3. Passages from ancient languages should always be translated.

4. References to specialist/secondary literature should be given in footnotes; references to ancient sources should appear in the main text. The format pattern to be followed for citing in footnotes is the following: author’s surname, year of publication, comma, page number(s). E.g. Alföldy 1975, 83–138. The pattern for references to classical authors is the following: Hor., Sat. 1,1,29–30.

5. A list of cited works should be given at the end of the paper under the title 'Bibliography' in alphabetic order, according to the following pattern:

  • von Albrecht 1997 = von Albrecht, M.: Geschichte der römischen Literatur. München.
  • Todd 1978 = Todd, R.: Monism and Immanence. The Foundations of Stoic Physics. In:  Rist, J. M. (ed.):  The Stoics. Berkeley, Los Angeles, London, 137–160.
  • Manacorda 1978 = Manacorda, D.: The Ager Cosanus and the Production of the Amphorae of Sestius: New Evidence and Reassessment. JRS 68, 122–131.

6. To distinguish between several items published by the same author and in the same year, authors should use lowercase letters both in footnotes and in Bibliography.

7. Names of classical authors and their works should be abbreviated according to OLD while the title of periodicals should appear according to L’Année Philologique. Periodicals not mentioned here should be indicated with their full title.

8. The main text should be 12 pt and footnotes 10 pt, both in Arial or Calibri.

9. We accept .odt, .rtf, .doc and docx. formats.

10. The journal is open to contributions from any country.

11. The language of publication is English, but submissions in French, German, Italian and Latin are also welcome.

12. ACD does not reprint material already published.

13. Please use Italics for Latin words and quotations and Regular for Greek words and quotations.

14. For page numbers, dates and places, please use the longer 'dash' (–) instead of the shorter 'hyphen' (-). E.g.: Leipzig–Paris; 478–323 BC.

15. If there are multiple authors, it is important to note that each author is considered the primary author and should be listed alphabetically unless otherwise requested and agreed by all parties.