No. 12 (2016): Tropisch avontuur - Hongaren in de Nederlandse koloniën

In de dienst van de VOC: Een voorlopige inventarisatie van Hongaren in dienst van de Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (1602-1795)

Published September 1, 2016
Gábor Pusztai
University of Debrecen
Kees Teszelszky
University of Budapest
pdf (Nederlands)

This paper presents a preliminary survey of people coming from Hungary who were employed for the Dutch East India Company (VOC) between 1602 and 1795, drawing some conclusions from the point of view of national identity, education, social class and ethnic background. The survey was conducted using the database of sea-voyagers of the Dutch National Archive, containing detailed information of the background of the people who entered the service of the VOC. There has never been done a detailed survey of Hungarian immigrants coming to the Dutch Republic in the Early Modern period. So far, only students coming from Hungary to the Netherlands have been studied, but the majority of them have returned to their home country after university and did not stay here. The aim is to introduce the source material and its context in general, which can be the basis of further investigations. So far, almost 118 Hungarians have been identified. The majority of the Hungarians occupied modest positions on the ships and did not return from the east.