Using the Photostress method to determine the residual stresses

Strains and stresses in loaded and photoelastically coated structural members can be determined using the PhotoStress method. The quantitative values of variations in the principal strains (stresses) and their directions could be employed to get the strain or stress components field on the entire coated surface. In the PhotoStress experiment, isochromatic fringes give qualitative and quantitative information. It provides a source of information on the directions and magnitudes of principal strain and principal normal stress on the surface of photoelastic coated parts. This article reviews the principle of using PhotoStress analysis to measure the residual stress and provides the boundary condition of using this method.

Boundary Value Problem for a Heated Nanofluid Flow in the Presence of Magnetic Field

The aim of this paper is to introduce some new numerical results on the magneto-thermomechanical interaction between heated viscous incompressible magnetic nanofluid and a cold wall in the presence of a spatially varying magnetic field. The governing nonlinear boundary layer equations are converted into coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations by similarity transformation. The ODE system is solvable numerically for example using higher derivative method. The investigation is focused on the influence of governing parameters corresponding to various physical conditions. Numerical results are exhibited for the dimensionless wall skin friction and for heat transfer coefficients at the wall, along to distributions of the velocity and the temperature.