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Designing Aspects and Classification of Bearing Industry Box Handling Apparatus
Megjelent március 3, 2019

It has been an accepted tendency in the industrial practice since the last third of the 20th Century to decrease the living labour demand of the manufacturing processes. One of the main tools of it is the automation of production. In the design, the construction and the programming of the developed automata, the results of electronics, informat...ics and mechatronics can be used. All of the scientific fields mentioned above undergo intensive development. By the application of the results achieved in the design of the applications, the monotonous, dangerous and tiresome work not requiring expertise can be assigned to machines. In the longer run, the application of the automata is beneficial also in financial aspect, since the costs of living labour are continuously growing, while that of the mechatronic and technological devices show a rather decreasing tendency. Reliability is also an important aspect. It is well known for everyone that a well-designed and programmed automatic device performs its task without mistakes. If there is any objection or breakdown, on the basis of the currently valid safety technology rules, the machine stops, does not trigger any damage and after its repair, work can be continued.

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Optimization and Analysis of Structure about Lifting Device of Logistics Sorting
Megjelent december 12, 2019

The lifting device of a logistics sorting machine needs high frequency upward and downward reciprocating motion therefore the cutting fork arms and matching parts of the shaft are often worn out. In this paper the problem of the shear fork types applied for the lifting mechanism is studied at first. Then the advanced numerical simulation ANSYS adopted for the lifting mechanism of the shear fork type, and the means of virtual simulation is introduced. Hence the possible location of faults and fault modes are analysed. Then improving measures about the lifting mechanism of the logistics sorting machine are suggested.

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The Effect of annealing temperature on corrosion resistance and microstructure of Zr-Sn-Nb-Fe alloy
Megjelent december 12, 2019

The Ti-2Al-2.5Zr titanium alloy plate in beta phase water quench at different times of the reentry after annealing is implemented while primary phase number and size distribution of samples are obtained. This research is carried out on corrosion behavior in 3.5% [mass fraction] NaCl solution. Experimental study showed that after the beta phase ...water quenching Ti-2Al-2.5Zr titanium alloyed after 500 oC annealing when partial recrystallization happened. There seems to be lots of tiny dispersion in the alloy that was annealed with its samples of six-party [HCP] structure of Ti, Zr, Al phase 2 with the dimension below 100 nm. Reaching 500 oC when the rate of annealing at a primary phase of the sample at 550 oC is low 90% of the primary phase is less than 100 nm. The changing of the rule of present decreasing also triggers little difference overall. Precipitation in the process of annealing Zr [Nb,Fe,Cr] 2is less that proves to be good for corrosion resistance.

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Design of a Technology-Oriented Bearing Assembling Cell
Megjelent április 15, 2020


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