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  • Enclosed Garden

    The archetype of the enclosed garden is the medieval hortus conclusus, which make the perfect type from the former types. The enclosed gardens of nowadays have developed from the hortus conclusus, which behave like a prism. Peter Zumthor's Serpentine Gallery Pavilion is the best example for the contemporary hortus conclusus. The purpose of our study to make a typological collection about contemporary enclosed gardens. The base of the typology is the borderline of the garden, the wall of the garden. We based the study of borderline to Dom Hans van der Laan's architectural theory and his monastery building in Vaals. We analyze the typology by six contemporary enclosed gardens from the simple wall to the building volume through the volumes of the wall. The openings of the walls can be the next way of our analysis.

  • Microbiological and Chemical Investigation of Drinking Water Samples on the Operational Area of Pannon Víz Zrt.

    In our research the potable water quality was monitored between 1 January 2015 and 31 October 2017 in the operational area of Pannon-Víz Zrt. The connection between temperature, microbiological load and chemical parameters were investigated. After evaluating data, the following results have been identified. The seasonal changes of the microbiologically positive samples are determined by the contamination caused by Escherichia coli, Enterococci and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The coliform group and the 22°C and 37°C colony-form units showed no seasonal dynamics. The analysed chemical parameters were below the limit during the examined period. Based on the correlation analysis, there is no correlation between chemical and microbiological parameters.

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