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  • Estimation of the Potential Runoff Quality Improvement as a Result of Applied Green Infrastructure Measures in a Hungarian Town

    Green infrastructure measures improves the quality of surface and subsurface waters along with increasing the water balance on the town level. The aim of the study is to estimate the potential runoff quality improvement by applying stormwater BMP-s along traffic roads in the town. This is of high priority in the aquifer protection area where runoff water may infiltrate into the aquifer carrying pollutants from the surface. Estimations are applied: first we determine the surface of traffic roads, then estimate the quantity of different kinds of pollutants accumulated on the surface and thirdly we estimate the expected performance of the applied green infrastructure elements based on findings in the literature. We determine the impervious urban surface area associated with transport-related functions within the protected drinking water recharge area using GIS technic using orthophotos. We estimate the expected reduction of runoff pollution assuming that stormwater BMP-s are applied in the area. The overall goal is to make the significance of diffuse pollution more obvious and enhance drinking water protection through taking diffuse pollution into consideration.

  • Selection of Possible Installation Sites for Sour Cherry Refrigerated Containers and Estimation of Container Volumes to be Installed Using GIS Tools

    The purpose of this study is to propose the selection of installation sites based on publicly available data and sour cherry refrigeration container specifications, as well as to estimate the number of containers to be installed at possible sites. Today's escalating fuel supply and fuel price extremes make it particularly important to develop a sensible logistics sub-solution in the complex process of production, harvesting, storage, processing and sales. We undertook to develop a geospatial system that can be built and operated economically, its data sources can be updated occasionally or even at regular intervals, it is suitable for producing other outputs with additional descriptive or spatial data.

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