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  • Simulation of BLDC Motor Drive Systems for Electric Vehicles Using Matlab Simulink

    The defining scientific developments of our time would not have been possible without the use of simulations. The aim of the research is to create a simulation of a BLDC motor. When creating a simulation, great emphasis must be placed on defining the purpose of the simulation. This basically determines the structure and complexity of the model. The model discussed here was created so that an optimization task could be defined more precisely by inserting it as a sub-model into a vehicle dynamics model. Scalability was another aspect, that is, to be able to increase the accuracy of the model with measured data in the future, as well as to be able to validate it. During the research, a BLDC motor efficiency map generation program was created, as well as an environment for testing the generated data. The created system gives researchers the opportunity to use a shape-correct efficiency model when simulating a BLDC motor even without measured data. This makes it possible to discover real relationships between model parameters when performing optimization.

  • Vehicle Dynamic Simulation Possibilities Using AVL Cruise M

    In most cases, when creating vehicle dynamics simulations, we need software that can speed up model creation and simulation. There are many programs on the market for this purpose, but they have different knowledge and user interfaces. We present in this article briefly introduces the use of one of the market's leading vehicle simulation software, the AVL Cruise M.

  • Longitudinal Dynamic Simulation Possibilities of Vehicles Using AVL Cruise M

    For creating vehicle dynamic simulations, in most cases, an appropriate software is required to help the dynamic model design. For this purpose several kinds of software are available in the market with different properties and user interfaces. In this article a leading simulation software of the market, AVL Cruise M, is shortly presented.

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