Évf. 58 szám 3–4 (2019): Műelemzések

A vigasz három variánsa: Babits három „önmegszólító” verse

László Arató
ELTE Radnóti Miklós Gyakorlóiskola


Arató, L. (2019). A vigasz három variánsa: Babits három „önmegszólító” verse. Studia Litteraria, 58(3–4), 140–152. Elérés forrás https://ojs.lib.unideb.hu/studia/article/view/7463

My paper is basically methodological, I use comparative poem analysis strategies to read Mihály Babits’s three poems: “Zsoltár férfihangra” (“Psalm for Male Voice”), “Tremolo” (“Tremolo”), and “Csak posta voltál” (“You Were Just a Letter”). The ostensible clearly the narrator himself, thus all three poems can be understood as lyric addresses. On the other hand, the approaches of the three poems are completely different: the “Psalm for Male Voice’s” is cosmological-anthropological, the “Tremolo’s” is psychological, and the “You Were Just a Letter’s” is personality theoretical-anthropological-ontological. The poems could be interpreted successfully by secondary students as well, since the lyric address poem trio is thematically close to the teenagers experiencing identity crisis: two of the poems (“Psalm for Male Voice” and “Tremolo”) offer opportunities for self-asserting and comfort, the third one (“You Were Just a Letter”) stages the process of self-investigation and it explores the great question of teen age: “Who am I?”.