Évf. 61 szám 3–4 (2022): Új tendenciák a kortárs magyar irodalomban


A transzkulturalizmus kartográfiája

Megjelent december 15, 2022
Németh Zoltán
Varsói Egyetem
Hogyan kell idézni
Selected stlye: APA
Németh, Z. (2022). A transzkulturalizmus kartográfiája. Studia Litteraria, 61(3–4), 137–146. Elérés forrás https://ojs.lib.unideb.hu/studia/article/view/12137

The aim of the article is to analyse the relationship between transculturalism and cartography in some works of contemporary Hungarian literature. In doing so, the paper introduces the concept of “transcultural geographical tension”, which refers to the tension resulting from the flow of information, data and people between the points A and B. Furthermore, the study examines how individual literary works produce this geographical tension in such a way that their text is also created as a map. e following works constitute the corpus of analyses: Zoltán Csehy: Grüezi! (2020), Tamás Korpa: A lombhullásról egy júliusi tölggyel (2020), Tantalópolis (2016) by Peter Macsovszky and Anikó N. Tóth’s A szalamandra mosolya (2022).