HJEAS Books Forthcoming in 2022


“A wretchedness to defend”: Reading Beckett’s Letters by Erika Mihálycsa, Babes Bolyai University, Romania



Negotiating Age: Aging and Ageism in Contemporary Literature and Theatre edited by Mária Kurdi, University of Pécs, Hungary

Central European Immigration to Canada, edited by Balázs Venkovits, University of Debrecen


Future books will include:

“COVID19: The Crisis in Care,” edited by Eszter Ureczky, University of Debrecen

“Perceiving-Thinking-Writing: Merleau-Ponty and Literature” by Donald Wesling, University of California, USA


Other titles in preparation: “Coetzee and Dostoyevsky,” “The Female Detective,” “Ecocritism,” “American Free Verse,” and “Contemporary Irish Literature.”